We can custom-design and construct different designs and layouts for your new staircase. No project is too simple or too glamorous. Our expert team of designers will help you create the perfect staircase to match your home’s style or layout. Call us today to schedule a consultation and get a free estimate.


Because Art Stairs New York, specialize in custom-designed staircases, we build to your specifications. Different homes require different stair layouts not only for aesthetic design but also for safety. Our team loves creating beautiful works of art to fit your home.


  • Straight Stair – Traditional single straight stairs with no change in direction. We can construct these to be open on one side, both sides or two walls can enclose them.
  • Platform Stair – We construct these with landings or platforms to connect sections of straight stairs, break a continuous run of stairs, or change direction.
  • Winding Stair – This style uses triangular treads to connect sections of straight stairs into a complete set that changes direction.
  • Curved / Circular Stair – As the name suggests, a custom-created curved stair circles and conforms to a curved wall or can be free-standing. We can custom-fabricate all aspects to fit almost any shape in your home.
  • Free-Standing / Self-Supporting Stair – This layout requires the support entirely of stringers without a support wall. Making a bold statement in your home, they can be straight or curved.


Just as the layout of your new staircase is essential, so are the steps and designs themselves. We can customize every inch of your staircase. Here are some of the designs we build:

  • Box Stair – Treads and risers mortised into stringers on each side. We usually create these nestled between two walls for a minimalist look.
  • Open-End Stair – In this design, the treads (steps) extend beyond the stringers on one or both sides, creating a refined look.
  • Open-Riser Stair – These staircases would be see through for a modern and contemporary look (Code conditions apply).
  • Loft Stair – Somewhat resembling ladders, these nonpermanent stairs maximize space efficiency where you may not have much room to work with.
  • Flaired stair – Straight stairs with upper or lower section skewed to curve/flair.